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"The Cactus Cat" credits
Written and Directed by
Sarah Wickenhauser
Alyssa Alley
Kesmine Hickman
Sabrina Hirsch
Petra Vargas
Sarah Wickenhauser
Concept Art:
Kesmine Hickman
Sabrina Hirsch
“Mittens” Lead Animator:
Alyssa Alley
“Cactus Cat” Lead Animator:
Sabrina Hirsch
“Jack” and “Jill” Lead Animator:
Kesmine Hickman
“Coyote” Lead Animator:
Petra Vargas
“Owner” and “Rancher” Lead Animator:
Sarah Wickenhauser
Animation Cleanup:
Alyssa Alley
Sabrina Hirsch
Kesmine Hickman
Sarah Wickenhauser
Petra Vargas
Kesmine Hickman
Sabrina Hirsch
Background Artists:
Kesmine Hickman
Sabrina Hirsch
Compositing and Editing:
Sarah Wickenhauser

“Anxious Moments” by Damon Criswell
“No Escape” by Jordan Rees
“Minutes to Hours” by Harrison King
“Higher Dimension” by Daniel Millidge
“The Spire” by Luciano Mendonca
“Reverie” by Ross Budgen

This film used these sounds from
“The cat’s meow” by counter-gamer
“cat -grooming” by Nakhas
“cat meowing” by theshaggyfreak
“cat jump” by FOX2814
“my cats meowing” by timtube
“small cat collar bell” by vedas
“footsteps in the desert” by diegolar
“bird cage sounds” by 15050_francois
“car door close, engine start” by FedeFrede
“01019 car door 3” by robinhood76
“coyote1” by rogerforeman
“Coyote calls” by ramston
“Coyote1_4” by scotthopkins
“bone cracks & gore squelches” by vincentoliver
“banana squelches” by project_trident
“squelch.wav” by rjbrown85
“medium wind” by kangaroovindaloo
“stomach noises 2” by yiffcrime
“jump, landing in snow01” by mallement
“wolf-growl” by newagesoup
“risers - horror whooshes tension builder 1” by original_sound
“atmosphere - cinematic haunted house horror 1” by original_sound
“cat fighting sounds clean” by ebcrosby
“sfxsource-mountain-lion-wild-animal-sound-effect.mp3” by
“leopard’s cough isolated” by drobiumdesign
“dog whining.wav” by jone_oost
“dog collar cat collar jingling” by pogmothoin
“mouth noises.wav” by bmcken
“wood snap 4.aif” by duncanlewismackinnon
“gongs tibetan bowls ting sha’s - ting shas wav.mp3” by CMeeson
“tree bar chimes - bar_chimes_sweep_down.wav” by pjcohen
“hawk.mp3” by CGEffex
“Eagle calls outside betweens buildings” by Benmaessound

Special thanks to
Christian Washington
Huntington University Center for Digital Media Arts
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