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I have experience using After Effects for both motion graphics projects and animation projects that require compositing, virtual camera work, and visual effects!
Motion Graphics Demo Reel (2021)
This reel was created using clips from various projects I worked on throughout my time in college!
Graphic Novel Trailer Project
In December of 2020, the final for my Advanced Motion Graphics class was to create a fake sci-fi movie trailer using what we had learned in the class that semester. Instead of making a fake trailer, I decided to create a legitimate trailer for the sci-fi graphic novel I had been drawing concept art illustrations for in my spare time that year.
The project's requirements set by the teacher were to use the "VC Orb" plugin by Video Copilot at least twice in the video, as well as to include at least five instances of 3D text. The teacher also provided a pack of royalty free HUD assets for us to use from
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