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Ambrosia Heights
Twenty years after a childhood encounter with someone from another world, a jaded and cynical woman is transported to a land of magic and monsters where she finds a long-lost friend who needs her help.

While visiting Ambrosia Heights, the old English manor house that belonged to her ancestors, ten-year-old Emmaline discovers a strange, blue-skinned elf child lost in the nearby orchard. After she helps him return to his own world, Emmaline thinks all magic has left her life for good – until an unlikely series of events twenty years later transports her, now thirty years old and disillusioned with her life as an adult, to that very world herself.

Tossed unprepared into an alternate universe filled with magic, monsters, and medieval-era problems, Emmaline’s immediate instinct is to return home through the portal in this universe’s version of the manor. But when she encounters someone she thought she would never see again – the elf child, who has grown up to become a seven-foot-tall blue-skinned behemoth named Gregorius – she feels compelled to stay long enough to help him resolve the treacherous situation he is facing, which she might even be responsible for.

At first, Emmaline thinks that her shy, staunchly pacifistic, painfully naïve friend would be lost without her pragmatic support…but she soon finds that it will take both of their strengths to navigate the secrets, mysteries, and apocalyptic perils of the adventure they embark upon together.


Fantasy, adventure

Target audience

New Adult (18-30)

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