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During my time in college, I participated in five different short film projects. Some of these projects were nominated or won awards at various festivals around the world!
"My Journey Thus Far" (2016)
During my freshman year at college, I created this short animated film using Photoshop. Though my animation skills improved over my next four years of study, this was still an important first step into the world of animation for me. The film won an award for Best Writing at the Rocky Mountain Student Emmys (2017).
"Wick" (2019)
Soon after my class was introduced to the 2D animation program Toon Boom Harmony, we were divided into two different teams which each created a short animated film. I asked to be a part of this team because I was intrigued by the story and its cryptid-like central character. Coincidentally, my primary job on this film ended up being the rough and cleanup animator for the titular character, a fire-breathing creature named Wick. After my animation work was completed, I also assisted the director with the first stage of compositing and editing. The film earned a nomination at the Rocky Mountain Student Emmys (2019).

Though the full film is currently not available to view, you can watch several isolated clips I animated for the film here.
"Tobeus and Toby" (2019)
This film was the focus of my Junior Animation 1 class during the fall semester of my junior year. This time, my job was creating all of the backgrounds present in the film, which I painted in Photoshop. During the post-production stage of the process, I assisted the director by putting together the first round of compositing, visual effects, and sound editing for the film.
The film won a “Best of Fest” award at the BEA Festival of Media Arts (2020), was a finalist at the Student Los Angeles Film Awards (2020), and won the College Craft: Animation category at the Rocky Mountain Student Emmys (2020).
"The Cactus Cat" (2020)
For the second half of my junior year, I decided to pitch my own project to the Junior Animation 2 class, and it ended up being approved! Though I enjoyed directing an animated film for the first time, the project was not without its challenges, since the COVID-19 pandemic began when we were halfway through production of the film. My team of four other animation students had to complete the film remotely working from home or by making use of severely limited lab time at our university. Given the challenges we faced, I am so proud of my team for working so hard and completing the film on time!

Asides from directing, my jobs for this film included character designing, writing, cleanup animation, compositing, visual effects, and editing.

The film won the “College Short Form: Fiction” category at the Rocky Mountain Student Emmys (2020) and was a semi-finalist in both the Student Los Angeles Film Awards (2020) and the Hollywood Art & Movie Awards (2021). It also tied for second place in the Animation/Experimental/Mixed Media category at the BEA Festival of Media Arts (2021).
"Power Cycle" (2021)
The final animated film project I worked on in college was a sci-fi animated short which was directed by the same student who directed "Tobeus and Toby." Since we were given a year to work on this project instead of one semester, we decided to be a bit more ambitious with this project by creating a lengthier story and using dialogue, something our previous animated films didn't utilize.
My primary role in this team was as an animator, but I also assisted with post-production by compositing the film and adding visual effects in Adobe After Effects.
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